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27 Nov




23 Nov

今 日本の音楽を聞きます。この音楽の名前は’Orion”byMika. この歌手はとても上手いです、声はとてもすきです。音楽の言葉が好きです、でも、時々この作詞はちょっと不確か。


Resource Page

9 Nov

This is going to be a resource page that will be constantly updated….Basically, it will contain websites I believe will be beneficial to your language learning, and obviously, me as well.


—This website is the bomb for those who want drama transcripts for J-Dramas. There is a comprehensive list with most of the popular ones….Use this to study alongside with the actual drama…Works like magic. SRS words/phrases you don’t know and study them frequently.

This guys blog is legendary. He’s an American who learned Japanese to a near native level in 18 months. He is like a mentor to me who I revere greatly. His blog is something you have to check out if you want motivation and ideas for how to continue learning a language.




“Forget about forgetting words”

9 Nov

If you want to memorize words/phrases, use an SRS (Space Repetition). Its motto is “forget about forgetting”, and it truly lives up to its words. To summarize the function of an SRS and exactly how it helps us, i’ll direct you to a much more experienced blogger who managed to learn Japanese to a near-native level in 18 months…

Here is the link of where he describes what an SRS is:



Please feel free to browse the rest of his blog/SRS articles, every glance is sure to better yourself.

Creating Time.

2 Nov

I am going to teach you how to create time in this post. For you physicists, no, i’m not violating any of your laws, tyvm. This is instrumental for your language learning, your road to fluency. This strategy is for those who constantly complain, “I have no time”. I am here to tell you that you’re excuses are about to be rendered unexcusable.

So, I categorise time into two different types: Passive and Active Time.

Active Time is the time you spend doing productive things, e.g. Homework, Listening to Lectures. These things are typically ones where concentration and full devotion on the topic is required.

The other type of time is what we’re going to create ‘time’ with. I call it “Passive Time”. The time here is not spent doing productive things, and we are going to use this condition to our advantage. We are going to take advantage of this time. When you’re waiting for a bus, time is passing ‘passively’. When you feed your dogs, passive time. When you sit on a bus, passive time. When you hang out with your girlfriend, passive time!!! Only kidding…In these occasions, you can do things such as take out your ipod and start listening. Listen Listen Listen. Or read. Here, you’re inadvertently converting “Passive Time” into “Active Time”.  Immediately here, you’re inducing extra time. Listen whenever you have a spare moment.

IF you add all these minutes and accumulate them over a period of them, you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done. Seriously surprised…I guarantee you. Now, time to stop reading and start converting that “passive time” into “active time”.

1 Nov


1 Nov

I have always been interested in Language Acquisition. What interests me most is the ‘process’ of language acquisition. So, what will this blog be about? Mostly about my progress in language learning, and the many tips and tricks I will discover along the way. I will share all of these to you. Many blogs on the internet are too didactic, they describe the process they go through to succeed in a language. This blog is very organic, I put down any interesting techniques ALONG the way, so the entire process is very natural.